Whatever the weather has to offer this autumn, with improved rooting, winter cereals will be better equipped to access the nutrients and water required for healthy establishment and winter survival.

For healthy winter wheat establishment, particularly in later drilled crops, an early boost to root development will pay dividends in growth and tiller development. Root promoting seed treatments such as Start-up and Start-uP MAXX are a good option or alternatively, a well-timed foliar application of Crop Rooter-P will be just as beneficial.

The balanced combination of NPK with both phosphate and phosphite P will stimulate root growth when wet, cloddy conditions deter the natural development of deep roots but even in a dry autumn, the targeted quantities of phosphorus will counter any difficulties the plant can have in accessing P due to its poor mobility in the soil.

We are looking for rapid but balanced growth in late autumn-sown cereals. By stimulating root development and increasing nutrient uptake, we are giving the young plant the best start for early establishment. A larger root mass will also stand the crop in good stead for surviving harsh winter conditions and priming it for the following spring.

explains Brian Aconley, Technical Director, Ilex EnviroSciences.

We recommend applying Crop-Rooter-P initially in the autumn at a rate of 1 litre per hectare from Zadoks G.S. 16-23. Further applications can then be made in the spring to aid plant growth and crop quality.

With extensive tank mix compatibility, it can be easily incorporated into agchem spray programmes and in particular when co-applied with manganese, the phosphite P component has been shown to improve the uptake and efficiency of manganese treatments.

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