We are delighted to welcome Dara O’Doherty to the Ilex sales team as Business Manager – Vegetables.

Qualified in BASIS and FACTS, Dara’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of vegetables and brassicas is already well respected in this sector through her previous work with major growers, retailers and R & D trials work. With the vegetable industry going through challenging times, Dara says: “Whilst growers are very good at managing their crops, they also need advice and options to counter less controllable factors such as weather, pests and disease and crucially, help achieve more uniform growth and maximum marketable yield.”

One of the challenges this year is getting nutrition into the plant; following a ceaselessly wet winter which washed through the soil profile. With a broad portfolio on offer from Ilex EnviroSciences it is really easy to give growers a whole crop solution leading to higher product quality and yield.

Her work will help focus and target products so growers have confidence in the scientifically-proven benefits of a targeted nutrition approach. Current products include biostimulants and trace elements, together with phosphites which helps uptake of nutrients.

Dara notes that rooting, resilience and recovery are key to getting the most from vegetable crops.

Dara explains: “Phosphite has a biostimulant action which improves nutrient movement in the plant necessary to root development, and becomes especially important when drought or excessively wet conditions restrict normal root growth.”

She draws attention to the key nutrition tools for optimising root systems: phosphite-based technology in the foliar feeds PK VEG, PK MAXX+ and Capital. The Ilex portfolio also has a range of products that are suitable for all growers’ nutritional needs.

“We will be conducting intensive field trials with growers throughout the country; these will be results-driven and taken through all the way to yield; this way we will be working closely with our growers to help us build an even better knowledge of a needs and soil conditions approach.”

“With excellent tank mix properties and low dose rates all Ilex products are highly compatible with current application systems,” Dara points out.

“We cover a range of crops, including roots, brassicas, alliums and salads, and we offer value to farmers because we can offer a tailored approach that will work in their specific situation.”

“We have found that once people try something different – such as phosphites – and see the results, such as spring crops getting up and away faster and more evenly, they realise the benefits in the quality of the produce.”

Ilex EnviroSciences pride themselves on the ability to react to the ever-changing market and ability to develop and support growers with their individual needs on a technical and logistical level.

For more information contact Dara directly on 07833 578079 or 01673 885175. To view the full Ilex EnviroSciences product range go to www.ilex-envirosciences.com.