Next year’s OSR crop is already starting to emerge and getting it up and away as quickly as possible is going to be critical to help plants withstand the effects of pest and disease pressure in the run up to the winter period. 

As soon as there is sufficient leaf cover for the application of a foliar spray, using a tailored nutrient boost will stimulate rooting and encourage rapid and healthy plant growth.

“Although we want to see fast establishment and vigorous top growth, it is important to have healthy foliage rather than too much weak growth.”

“Optimum nutrition and the early development of a healthy root system are key to achieving this balance,”  says Brian Aconley Technical Director, Ilex EnviroSciences.

“A well-fed crop with robust and healthy roots and leaves has an immediate advantage in the fight against pest and disease stress during the autumn, in turn providing the foundation for successful spring growth.”

For winter oilseed rape crops, application of the foliar nutrient OilSeed Raiser delivers phosphorus in both the phosphate and phosphite forms maximising the growth of both the tap and lateral root systems.

Its NPK content is further supplemented with boron, calcium and molybdenum, all key elements required by oilseed rape – as a brassica – in relatively large amounts when compared with cereals.

oilseed-raiser-ilex-phosphiteWe recommend the first application of Oilseed Raiser from the 4-6 true leaf stage at a rate of 1.5 litres per hectare.

Further applications can then be made anytime from early spring growth up to flowering to help alleviate stress symptoms and maintain healthy growth.

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