Despite some much-needed rainfall, some sugar beet crops are still showing signs of stress as they struggle to access the moisture and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy rate of growth.

As temperatures pick up and crops begin to grow away from a slow start, it is important to ensure plants have all the nutrition they need to fuel this rapid growth. Lack of rainfall and cool conditions may also have slowed root development making it more difficult for the growing crop to access soil nutrient reserves.


Early root development in sugar beet is crucial for yield


Once the crop has reached 4-6 true leaves we recommend the application of phosphite-based multi-nutrient Beet Raiser. The phosphite based delivery system will ensure rapid availability of key nutrients whilst stimulating root development to improve nutrient uptake and increase access to soil moisture. An effective boost of essential nutrients at this crucial growth stage will improve plant vigour and stress resistance, sustaining canopy growth and protecting yield.

We recommend Beet Raiser be applied at the following rates and timings:
1.     1.5 l/ha @ 4-6 true leaves to assist early establishment and rooting
2.     1.5 l/ha 14-21 days after first application to support healthy growth




For further information contact Agricultural Sales Manager John Allen 07703 186071



Ilex will also be attending this year’s BBRO Open Days scheduled for 4th July Bracebridge Heath and 6th July Morley providing more information on Beet Raiser and the Ilex range.

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