ModipHy Xtra

ModipHy-Xtra is a high-performance water conditioner formulated to counter the effects of hard water and high pH levels by maximising product stability in the tank and mobility in the plant.

Adding ModipHy Xtra to your spray solution optimises pH levels and improves coverage and leaf uptake, giving a more consistent product performance over a broad range of spraying conditions and crop situations.


Proprietary combination of organic and inorganic acids with added surfactants.

Application Rates & Timings

To be used at the required water rate providing ModipHy Xtra is maintained in a concentration range of 0.20 – 0.30% v/v.

Water Hardness
100 – 200 ppm:

Add ModipHy Xtra to tank @ 200 ml per 100 l of water (0.20% v/v)

200 – 300 ppm:
Add as above to tank @ 250-ml per 100 l (0.25% v/v).

300+ ppm:
Add as above to tank @ 300 ml per 100 l (0.30% v/v)

Pack Sizes


200L drum

1000L IBC

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