Beet Raiser

Beet Raiser is a nutritional supplement with phosphite-powered delivery to boost uniformity and yield in sugar beet crops.

Application during the key early growth stage promotes root development, more even, healthy leaf growth and more productive photosynthesis.


Phosphite with NPK, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Molybdenum and Zinc

Application Rates & Timings

Sugar Beet:

4-6 true leaves – Apply @ 1.5 l/ha to crops showing symptoms of nutrient-related stress

6-8 true leaves – Apply @ 1.5 l.ha – 3.0 l/ha to maintain healthy crop development

At later growth stages, for untreated crops suffering nutrient related stress – Apply @ 3.0 l/ha  

Pack Sizes


1000L IBC


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