A  blend of copper and zinc nutrients, formulated to prevent and correct deficiencies in a variety of arable crops.

Cu-Zin is a formulated blend of copper and zinc nutrients in a highly concentrated form,  designed to effectively prevent and correct deficiencies in a broad range of arable crops. As well as preventing deficiencies, Cu-Zin has been manufactured to maintain increased levels of copper and zinc in the plant for extended periods of growth, thus maximising pollen production and in the case of cereals, enhancing grain-fill.


Zinc (36%) with  copper (12%)

Application Rates & Timings

All Arable Crops:

Apply @ 0.50- 0.75 l/ha to maintain sufficient levels of nutrients .

Apply @ 1.0-1.50  l/ha for crops showing extreme symptoms of nutrient- related stress.

Repeat @ 1.0 l/ha as required or as long as symptoms persist.

Pack Sizes

10 L (Boxed 2 X 5L)  & 600L IBC

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