Foliar Nutrients

You can target nutrient deficiencies more efficiently by using advanced foliar formulations that deliver nutrients in more readily plant available forms. Ilex concentrated liquid nutrients been developed for maximum uptake efficiency and ease of application and can be used on a wide range of arable and horticultural crops.

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Foliar Boost

Manganese 12% with Magnesium, Copper & Zinc to counter key deficiencies.

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Mag Plus

High concentrate liquid Magnesium (8%) with Nitrogen (9%).

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Mn Plus

Concentrated flowable Manganese liquid (36%) with Nitrogen & Sulphur.

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Mn-Cu Plus

Concentrated flowable Manganese liquid (30%) with added Copper.

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Plus Hy-N

High analysis Nitrogen formulation with a minimum of 58% slow release  N Polymethylene Urea.

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Mn-Zn Plus

Concentrated flowable Manganese (24%) with added Zinc.

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Concentrated flowable Copper and Zinc to prevent and aid nutrient deficiencies.

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