Foliar Nutrients

You can target nutrient deficiencies more efficiently by using advanced foliar formulations that deliver nutrients in more readily plant-available forms. Ilex concentrated liquid nutrients have been developed for maximum uptake efficiency and ease of application and can be used on a wide range of arable and horticultural crops.

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Foliar Boost

Manganese 12% with Magnesium, Copper & Zinc to counter key deficiencies.

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Manganese (25%) with Magnesium, Zinc, Nitrogen and Sulphur to prevent and correct deficiencies in a broad range of arable crops

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Mag Plus

High concentrate liquid Magnesium (8%) with Nitrogen (9%).

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Mn Plus

Concentrated flowable Manganese liquid (36%) with Nitrogen & Sulphur.

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Mn-Cu Plus

Concentrated flowable Manganese liquid (30%) with added Copper.

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Plus Hy-N

High analysis Nitrogen formulation with a minimum of 58% slow release  N Polymethylene Urea.

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Mn-Zn Plus

Concentrated flowable Manganese (24%) with added Zinc.

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Concentrated flowable Copper and Zinc to prevent and aid nutrient deficiencies.

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