Toggle® is a liquid seaweed extract derived from pure sources of North Atlantic Ascophyllum Nodosum specifically designed for use on broadacre crops.   

Regular applications will stimulate root and shoot growth and promote overall crop health. Also improves speed of recovery from injury or stressful growing conditions.


Matrix of bioactive compounds including micronutrients, amino acids, natural chelating agents with activators for stimulating production of auxins and cytokinins in the plant.

It contains no added fertiliser and is approved for use in organic growing systems.

Application Rates & Timings


Apply @ 1.5-3.0 l/ha at Tillering. Apply @ 1.5-3.0 l/ha at Stem Elongation and Flag Leaf stages

Oilseed Rape:

Apply @ 1.5-3.0 l/ha at 3 weeks Post Emergence, Stem Extension and Pod Set.


Apply @ 2.0-4.0 l/ha from 6 true leaves stage.


Pack Sizes

2 x 10L


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