Last autumn saw the worst cabbage stem flea beetle invasion to hit OSR crops since the loss of neoniotinoid seed treatments, resulting in an average 11% of crops failing to establish in England, this is according to a survey carried out by Association of Independent Crop Consultant (AICC) agronomists, which showed that the worst region is the East Midlands, where 16% was lost. A similar survey in 2016 had an overall average of 7%.

The figures reflect that last autumn was the perfect reproductive year for cabbage stem flea beetle.

A combination of only drilling when there is soil moisture, selecting the right variety and giving seedlings a nutritional boost are some of the measures helping crops cope better with cabbage stem flea beetle attacks.

Next year’s OSR crop is already starting to emerge and getting it up and away as quickly as possible is going to be critical to help plants withstand the effects of pest and disease pressure in the run up to the winter period.

In the absence of neoniotinoid seed treatments, a well-fed crop with robust and healthy roots and leaves has an immediate advantage in the fight against pest and disease stress during the autumn, in turn providing the foundation for successful spring growth.

For winter oilseed rape crops, application of the foliar nutrient OilSeed Raiser delivers phosphorus in both the phosphate and phosphite forms maximising the growth of both the tap and lateral root systems. Its NPK content is further supplemented with boron, calcium and molybdenum, all key elements required by oilseed rape – as a brassica – in relatively large amounts when compared with cereals.

Stimplex-crop-biostimulant-packaging-visualAlong with Oilseed Raiser an application of Stimplex® with a matrix of bioactive compounds including micronutrients, amino acids, natural chelating agents with activators for stimulating production of auxins and cytokinins in the plant is ideal for increasing photosynthesis and nutrient usage to promote overall crop health and further increase resilience to pests and nutritional stress

A combination of both Oilseed Raiser and Stimplex® ensures the plant is ‘up and out’ quickly and a healthy plant will be more resilient and equipped to deal with both pests and disease

Recommended Application rates:

Oilseed Raiser1.5 l/h

Stimplex® -1 l/h

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