A nutritional boost to stimulate root development and provide for oilseed rape’s additional nutrition needs, will help maintain health and reliance in oilseed rape crops this spring.

Despite the losses to flea beetle and drought, particularly in East Anglia, many oilseed rape crops have made a decent start. However, signs of disease pressure are already being reported and as spring arrives, enabling crops to make a strong start by providing them with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth, is now critical for a successful crop.

Foliar phosphite Oilseed Raiser addresses three key issues that could affect plant development over the coming months.


OSR rooting on YEN entry farm, Suffolk after autumn treatment of Oilseed Raiser, pictured 7th Feb 2017 (treated plants on left).

1. Restricted root development
Root development is key to maintaining healthy growth into the spring. Without sufficient rooting, oilseed rape plants will struggle to access the moisture and nutrition needed to sustain healthy growth thereby increasing susceptibility to disease and stress.

2. Limited phosphorus availability
The availability of phosphorus remains crucial throughout the spring to ensure sufficient supplies for both root development and new leaf growth. Purpling leaves are a classic sign of restricted phosphorus availability. Symptoms can be addressed with a timely application of a readily available source of phosphorus.

3. OSR’s additional nutrition requirements
As a brassica, oilseed rape has increased requirements for many secondary nutrients and trace elements as compared to cereals, in particular Calcium and Boron. Even with adequate supplies in the soil, oilseed rape plants can still suffer from lack of these elements as their restricted mobility in the plant can prevent effective use. Supplementing their supply at key growth stages can therefore help prevent deficiencies from limiting active growth.

Oilseed Raiser is tailored to meet the particular needs of oilseed rape. By combining phosphorus in both phosphate and phosphite forms a readily available supply of phosphorus is provided to boosting root development and uniform growth. Calcium and Boron are supplied in combination with phosphite P with the latter improving their mobility and assisting their plant uptake and utilisation.

oilseed-raiser-ilex-phosphiteApplication & Rates
The application of Oilseed Raiser at 3.0 l/ha during stem extension will maintain root development and alleviate nutritional stress to sustain healthy growth. Oilseed Raiser can be tank mixed with fungicides and insecticides and most foliar nutrients.

An additional application together with Boron just prior to flowering will assist pollination and pod-fill.

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