Ilex Envirosciences - Working with farmers to improve plant health and nutrition

Matt Lawman an arable farmer from Cambridgeshire talks about the benefits of working with Ilex Envirosciences to help him improve crop health, plant hardiness and nutrition, ultimately leading to improved yields with a minimum of fuss and at little financial cost to his farm.


Ilex EnviroSciences – ModipHy Xtra Demo

ModipHy-Xtra is a high-performance water conditioner formulated to counter the effects of hard water and high pH levels by maximising product stability in the tank and mobility in the plant.


Stimplex Improving Growth in Onions

Increasing root growth and development in onions with Stimplex®. Stimplex® is liquid seaweed extract derived and refined from pure sources of North Atlantic Ascophyllum nodosum Registered Trademark of Acadian Seaplants distributed in the UK by Ilex EnviroSciences Ltd


Ilex EnviroSciences Ltd – Product Line 2018

View a slideshow of Ilex EnviroSciences’ 2018 products.