It’s been a good start for this season’s pulse crops. Winter beans are well established and spring drilling went into excellent seed bed conditions but there is still a very long way to go. With last year’s wet weather in mind and reports of disease pressure in winter beans beginning to circulate, it’s a good time to take a look at your nutrition programme and make sure you are doing everything in your control to mitigate risk.

A reminder of the importance of Manganese

Image by kind permission of PGRO

Image by kind permission of PGRO

Peas and beans have a high demand for manganese and if untreated, deficiencies can result in disorders such as Marsh Spot in peas particularly on high pH, organic-rich soils. Being relatively immobile in the plant, multiple applications of manganese sulphate or manganese liquid are often required to prevent a lack of availability impacting on quality and yield. Applying manganese regularly as a manganese phosphite formulation however, keeps application rates low and increases the speed and efficiency of its uptake.


Building stronger root systems


Field beans treated with Maniphos in Cambridgeshire

Carefully timed nutrition can be used to encourage root development and help prevent adverse weather and low soil temperatures restricting root growth. Increased root mass and strength will, in turn, give the plant broader access to soil-held nutrients, optimising nutrient uptake and making sure your crop gets the maximum benefit from your fertiliser programme. Phosphite P has been shown to be a highly efficient stimulant for increasing root mass and vigour.


Delivering a targeted nutrient boost

A well-fed crop with robust and healthy roots has an increased ability to overcome adverse growing conditions and associated stresses. Once sufficiently established for foliar uptake, a carefully balanced supplement of manganese and key macronutrients, will strengthen the plant’s natural defences and provide a valuable boost for healthy root and top growth.

Maniphos has been specifically formulated for use on pulse crops with a zero-nitrogen formulation combining manganese with essential elements sulphur, phosphorus and potassium to promote health, vigour and quality. Applying these nutrients in combination with phosphite chemistry not only increases their uptake and mobility but also gives an additional boost to root development to improve nutrient uptake and efficiency.

Applying Maniphos to peas and beans

Maniphos_150_squareFormulated as a concentrated solution and with extensive tank mix compatibility Maniphos can be easily included in your standard spray programme.

For maximum benefit, we recommend applications on peas and beans from 4 true leaves at 1.25 – 2.5 litres per hectare, repeated after 14-21 days. Further applications are recommended in continued poor growing conditions just prior to and post flowering to further assist in crop quality.

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