A Wintery Spring – A Difficult Start to Crops

A Soggy Start

Following late drilling to aid blackgrass control, the second half of this winter has been very wet and roots have not had to look very far to find water.

Waterlogged fields after thawing snow

This, coupled with the freezing temperatures could mean that once crops emerge from under the snow, they will need all the help they can get to push threw and to put roots down. Crop Rooter-P and Oilseed Raiser can help by supplying much needed foliar nutrition getting plants to push those roots down for better anchorage, water and nutrient uptake.

Crop Rooter-P & Oilseed Raiser, a perfect combination.


Are Roots Struggling For Manganese?

After the harsh conditions of the last few weeks coupled with the previous months of wet weather, the snow, ice and freezing conditions can play havoc with the composition of soil. As with our roads the water can infiltrate between the soil horizons and once frozen can cause ‘lift’, breaking contact between soil and root. In turn this means the plant is unable to extract a suitable quantity of Manganese and other nutrients from the ground. Our Mn Plus and other Ilex products can provide a foliar boost to combat plant deficiencies.

Celebrating #OrganicSeptember

Celebrating #OrganicSeptember

5 natural ways growers improve quality in their organic produce 

The organic market is increasing and more consumers are looking for organic produce than ever before. We are supporting the Soil Association’s #OrganicSeptember initiative by taking a look at 5 ways organic growers can get the most from their soil and improve the quality and yield of their fruit and vegetable crops to satisfy the demands of this growing group of consumers. (more…)