Strong Rooting is Key to Promoting Spring Growth in Cereals

As poorly established cereal crops continue to struggle in cold, wet soil providing plants with an early boost to root development will help with nutrient uptake and improve  spring growth.

In particular late sown cereals will need to get off to a quick start as soil temperatures finally begin to rise.  Nutrient access is crucial in providing the best possible start and rapid root development is a key factor towards achieving this.

Phosphorus (P) is the most important nutrient for effective rooting and phosphite P has been shown to be a highly efficient stimulant for root development. In combination with traditional phosphate P, they provide a powerful boost to root growth. The increased root length in turn allows the plant broader access to soil-held nutrients to maintain a consistent, healthy growth.

Crop Rooter® Plus is a foliar phosphite especially formulated  for use on cereals, working at low application rates to provide a concentrated boost of NPK, with high levels of both phosphate and phosphite P and now including 19 amino acids each playing a vital role in crop establishment and development. It acts fast, with the phosphite component accelerating the uptake and delivery of these key bioactive agents and nutrients within the plant.

Application & Timing
A timely application of Crop Rooter® Plus will enhance rooting enabling the crop to make better use of soil nutrient reserves. In addition it makes an ideal tank mix partner for early foliar manganese, improving uptake of the element, speeding up response time and improving efficiency.

For the best results, we recommend that Crop Rooter® Plus is applied at 1 l/ha once there is sufficient leaf area to capture the spray and again at early tillering.

Crop Rooter® Plus 

The next generation NPK phosphite formulated with 19 added amino acids to target root development and stimulate healthy plant growth.

The unique formulation of Crop Rooter® Plus combines mobile forms of Phosphorus with Nitrogen and Potassium, all essential macronutrients together with added amino acids and a seaweed base for healthy crop development. Timed foliar applications of Crop Rooter® Plus ensure effective crop uptake of nutrients, leading to improved root and shoot development, even when soil reserves may be less accessible due to an initial poor root system or when cold, wet, cloddy soils hamper nutrient availability.



ModipHy Xtra

A high-performance water conditioner formulated to counter the effects of hard water and high pH levels by maximising product stability in the tank and mobility in the plant.

The perfect partner to Crop Rooter® Plus, by adding ModipHy Xtra to your spray solution, it optimises pH levels and improves coverage and leaf uptake, giving a more consistent product performance over a broad range of spraying conditions and crop situations.



Staying True to our Roots- article by Anglia Farmer

Fifteen years ago Murray Smedley started Ilex Organics, a part-time business selling fertilisers and biodegradable film to organic farmers from his home in rural Lincolnshire.

He is now managing director of Ilex EnviroSciences – employing ten people manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of specialist foliar nutrition and seed treatment products both directly to farmers and also through buying groups across the UK.

These include Fram Farmers, the AF Group, Elite Farmers Trading, Anglia Grain Services, North Herts Farmers and the Woldmarsh Farming Group.

When Brian Aconley, an expert in formulating nutritional products, joined the company as Technical Director, Murray recognised the need to expand beyond the limited market place of exclusively supplying certified products to organic farmers, without changing the company’s overall philosophy.

“We still see ourselves as supporting sustainable agriculture. Helping the plant help itself – critical to all modern farming – we aim to encourage better growth, yield and quality.”

“We had the technical knowledge and the formulation expertise to go beyond the limited organic market, and recognised that conventional farmers were eager to manage inputs more accurately – looking at the soil more closely rather than simply loading it with NPK and hoping that would do the job.”

The company now supplies farmers with easy to use advanced nutrition tools designed to optimise plant health and crop performance with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Their nutrition portfolio includes seed treatments, crop biostimulants, foliar nutrients and phosphites. All designed to facilitate vigorous and healthy plant development

Biologically active

“Our products are highly biologically active and applied in relatively small amounts at times when the crop actually needs it. We see one of our chief roles as maximising the efficiency of those major nutrients – we were one of the first to use the tagline #nutrientuseefficiency and are proud to see that it has now become a more general term in agriculture.”

A principal aim of many of their products is to encourage root development. Seed treatments, which can be applied on-farm, incorporate a package of nutrients designed to kick in as soon as the plant starts to germinate, priming it for foliar applications to the growing crop.

“It’s about getting the root system to where it can use other nutrients most efficiently, so timing is crucial. Foliar application needs enough leaf development for the plant to take it in to then create more root establishment, which in turn helps the plant to start extracting nutrients from the soil and thus increasing yield potential.”

None of the products are designed to combat pests and diseases, but Murray notes that encouraging the plant to grow well helps resist such attacks, as other more traditional defence measures are lost.

“The armoury of pesticides is diminishing all the time, so it is important to ensure plants are as healthy as possible to withstand all challenges.”

Crop guides are available for most broad-acre crops and for salad crops, alliums and brassicas. Sales director John Allen advises that every farmer can benefit from their portfolio.

“We have a broad spectrum of products which means that you couldn’t go down a farm track and not find one of our products to suit that farm and that particular crop.”

Agronomy groups

Ilex supply individual farmers, operating with the assistance of buying or agronomy groups. Murray says that decision was a deliberate one, to allow them to control sales and distribution, and to ensure the most effective use of what they supply.

“Because our products are very technical in their nature and in how they work, we wanted to be able to explain them fully to our customers – not just be on a page in a distributor’s catalogue.

Advice offered often includes an assessment of the current crop together with the grower’s desired yield and quality goals. From this information a recommended treatment programme can be made. 

The primary role of the company, according to Brian, is to source materials and supply them to farmers as a formulated product, but he emphasised that what they sell is unique to them.

“Everything we sell under our own brand is our own formulation, it is not a copy. We offer unique formulations direct to market – we started out with that aim and we are pleased that we are still doing it that way and expanding year on year.”

“We do the development work, we do the trials work and we prove the products work in the fields. That way we build up a picture of a product and develop it to improve its efficacy and to develop new uses alongside the original ones.”

Independent trials

Trials are also conducted through independent research organisations such as the PGRO, BBRO and NIAB TAG.

Formulations designed by Brian and his colleagues are manufactured for Ilex. All but one of their products are supplied in liquid form – all are dispersible in water and miscible with other agrochemicals, enabling cost effective tank mix applications throughout the growing season. Very low rates are used, typically one or two litres per hectare.

Murray believes their approach allows the company to react quickly to market changes and to develop new products. Ilex were one of the pioneers of multifunctional phosphites and have recently added ‘Cu-Zin’ to their range.

It is a formulated blend of copper and zinc nutrients to meet recently reported deficiencies. The approach, he says, has allowed them to offer unique products through a supply route that places them on farm without delay. 

“Our USP is to supply unique tailored formulations direct from factory to farmer by as efficient a route as possible.”

“Knowledge of the most modern scientific developments in plant science and nutrition ensures Ilex continues to respond to the very latest challenges and pressures faced by UK growers.”


Plus Hy-N – New Product for Summer 2018

With the adverse climate this summer and extended periods of dry and hot weather, damage to crops and deficiencies in essential nutrition was becoming apparent across many farms in the UK. With this in mind, Ilex EnviroSciences were able to react quickly, producing a brand new product to combat the effects of Nitrogen deficiency in a range of crops.

Plus Hy-N

Plus Hy-N is an advanced, high-analysis Nitrogen formulation with three forms of fast and slow release Nitrogen, boosting root development and stress resistance.

Why fast and slow? Well, fast release Nitrogen is formulated to quickly alleviate the effects of Nitrogen deficiency and slow to provide nutrition over an extended period.

Plus Hy-N is now available either direct from Ilex EnviroSciences or through our buyer groups. For more information on Plus Hy-N or any other of our products, please see


7 Ways Soil Loses Nutrients

The excessively wet Easter weather after the unusually late snow fall is causing many of our fields up and down the country to suffer from water logged soil leading to a deficiency in suitable crop nutrients. In the coming weeks it is essential that these are replaced to boost root establishment and promote rapid growth leading to a strong, disease resistant plant.

Here are 7 ways in which nutrients can be lost, but don’t worry, the Ilex Envirosciences team are on hand to help you replace that much needed nutrient and get your crop back to a healthy yield. (more…)


A Wintery Spring – A Difficult Start to Crops

A Soggy Start

Following late drilling to aid blackgrass control, the second half of this winter has been very wet and roots have not had to look very far to find water.

Waterlogged fields after thawing snow

This, coupled with the freezing temperatures could mean that once crops emerge from under the snow, they will need all the help they can get to push threw and to put roots down. Crop Rooter-P and Oilseed Raiser can help by supplying much needed foliar nutrition getting plants to push those roots down for better anchorage, water and nutrient uptake.

Crop Rooter-P & Oilseed Raiser, a perfect combination.


Are Roots Struggling For Manganese?

After the harsh conditions of the last few weeks coupled with the previous months of wet weather, the snow, ice and freezing conditions can play havoc with the composition of soil. As with our roads the water can infiltrate between the soil horizons and once frozen can cause ‘lift’, breaking contact between soil and root. In turn this means the plant is unable to extract a suitable quantity of Manganese and other nutrients from the ground. Our Mn Plus and other Ilex products can provide a foliar boost to combat plant deficiencies.