Put more fight in your OSR!

Reports from around the UK of Oilseed Rape being ravaged by  Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle.


It is essential that crops are getting up and out as quickly as possible. This is critical to help plants withstand the effects of pest and disease. Oilseed Raiser delivers all key elements for success.


OilSeed Raiser is a nutritional supplement with phosphite-powered delivery designed to help oilseed rape crops reach their full potential. Application during the key establishment and rapid growth stages promotes healthy root development and boosts crop resilience.

For more information on the benefits of Oilseed Raiser, see our product page: https://ilex-envirosciences.com/our-products/foliar-phosphites/oilseed-raiser/




Plus Hy-N -New Product for Summer 2018

With the adverse climate this summer and extended periods of dry and hot weather, damage to crops and deficiencies in essential nutrition was becoming apparent across many farms in the UK. With this in mind, Ilex EnviroSciences were able to react quickly, producing a brand new product to combat the effects of Nitrogen deficiency in a range of crops.

Plus Hy-N

Plus Hy-N is and advanced, high-analysis Nitrogen formulation with three forms of fast and slow release Nitrogen, boosting root development and stress resistance.

Why fast and slow? Well, fast release Nitrogen is formulated to quickly alleviate the effects of Nitrogen deficiency and slow to provide nutrition over and extended period.

Plus Hy-N is now available either direct from Ilex EnviroSciences or through our buyer groups. For more information on Plus Hy-N or any other of our products, please see www.ilex-envirosciences.com


Cereals Event 2018

A massive thank-you to all of those who popped in to see us during Cereals Event 2018. It was a great opportunity to catch up with our current customers and those who have not yet heard of us and show how through knowledge, product development and real-world trials we are significantly improving the nutrition uptake in a huge variety of crops. We also had the opportunity to show off our next generation Crop Rooter Plus with added amino acids to boost root development and plant health. A great time was had by all and the weather was pretty good too! 


Potatoes or Potartoes? Improve your yield with PK MAXX +

PK MAXX+ combines phosphorus in both the phosphate and phosphite forms to provide rapid and efficient delivery of phosphorus at critical growth periods, boosting root development and stimulating healthy growth.

In addition, the multi-nutrient package includes beneficial levels of Magnesium and Sulphur together with essential trace elements Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Iron and Molybdenum to meet a broad range of nutritional demand and ensure optimal nutrient status is maintained even under stressful growing conditions.


7 Ways Soil Loses Nutrients

The excessively wet Easter weather after the unusually late snow fall is causing many of our fields up and down the country to suffer from water logged soil leading to a deficiency in suitable crop nutrients. In the coming weeks it is essential that these are replaced to boost root establishment and promote rapid growth leading to a strong, disease resistant plant.

Here are 7 ways in which nutrients can be lost, but don’t worry, the Ilex Envirosciences team are on hand to help you replace that much needed nutrient and get your crop back to a healthy yield. (more…)