Employment Opportunities at Ilex EnviroSciences

Area Sales Manager

Location: UK, home based

Due to company expansion we are seeking self-motivated, enthusiastic individuals to develop new business and maintain comprehensive support to our current customer base.

Experience in agricultural sales or a technical background in agronomy or arable/horticultural production would be advantageous.

For a full job description and requirements, please see here

If you think you are suitable for the position please send an up to date CV to: office@ilex-envirosciences.com

Closing date for all applications is Friday 14th December 2018.


New Product Announcement- Crop Rooter® Plus

Crop Rooter® Plus


The unique formulation of Crop Rooter® Plus combines mobile forms of Phosphorus with Nitrogen and Potassium, all essential macronutrients together with 19 added amino acids and a seaweed base for healthy crop development. Crop Rooter® Plus is the next generation foliar NPK solution based on the highly mobile form of Phosphorus known as Phosphite (PO3).

Timed foliar applications of Crop Rooter® Plus ensure effective crop uptake of nutrients leading to improved root and shoot development, even when soil reserves may be less accessible due to an initial poor root system or when cold, wet, cloddy soils hamper nutrient availability.

Crop Rooter® Plus is available as 10L bottles (boxed as 2 x 10L) and 1000L IBC



Sad News- Nigel Murray Smedley

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of [Nigel] Murray Smedley on 13th October 2018. 

We welcome his many friends and colleagues to join us in celebrating his life on the 30th October. Please call our offices on 01673 885175 for further details should you wish to do so.  

Our sales team shall contact all his customers soon to ensure our continued support of your valued business…..just as ‘NMS’ would have wanted!

Murray Smedley [Junior]

Managing Director


Join us at Croptec 2018 for exciting new product news!

Ilex EnviroSciences are pleased to announce our attendance this year at Croptec 2018. Using the latest developments in plant science and nutrition, we are very excited to showcase our new product developments, that respond to the current challenges and pressures faced by UK growers. We will be unveiling our all new NPK phosphite based foliar solution with no less than 19 added amino acids aimed at stimulating early rooting and healthy plant development. We look forward to seeing you on 28th & 29th November and lets talk crop nutrition! For more information on the Croptec show: https://www.croptecshow.com/


Put more fight in your OSR!

Reports from around the UK of Oilseed Rape being ravaged by  Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle.


It is essential that crops are getting up and out as quickly as possible. This is critical to help plants withstand the effects of pest and disease. Oilseed Raiser delivers all key elements for success.


OilSeed Raiser is a nutritional supplement with phosphite-powered delivery designed to help oilseed rape crops reach their full potential. Application during the key establishment and rapid growth stages promotes healthy root development and boosts crop resilience.

For more information on the benefits of Oilseed Raiser, see our product page: https://ilex-envirosciences.com/our-products/foliar-phosphites/oilseed-raiser/