Our aim at Ilex EnviroSciences is to develop and supply UK farmers and growers with easy to use, advanced nutrition tools to optimise plant health and crop performance with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Ilex EnviroSciences Ltd is a family run, British company manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of concentrated foliar fertilisers and seed treatments. Founded as Ilex Organics in 2003 the company has developed and expanded its product portfolio to meet the needs of both conventional and organic farming operations, becoming Ilex EnviroSciences Ltd in 2009.

We use only the highest grade raw materials in advanced formulations to deliver nutrition in the most readily plant available forms. We have been pioneers in the use of phosphite technology and plant biostimulant activators to enhance nutrient use efficiency in both foliar fertilisers and nutrient seed treatments. Using the latest developments in plant science and nutrition, product development is ongoing to respond to the challenges and pressures faced by UK growers.

Meet the Ilex Team

Murray Smedley

Managing Director

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N Murray Smedley

Sales Director

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Brian Aconley BSc.
Technical Director

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John Allen

Sales Manager, Agriculture

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Andy Burton
Technical Sales

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James Thornalley

Area Manager 
-Vegetable Crops 

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Sue Vickers BSc

Office Manager

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Mike Burton

Marketing & Sales Support Manager


Barbara Reeve

Office Administrator