With many farmers and growers informing us that their plants are struggling to extract enough zinc from the earth recently especially in high pH soils and due to the low rainfall in February and March. With this in mind, Ilex EnviroSciences has developed an additional product to add to our foliar nutrients range, Cu-Zin.

Cu-Zin is a blend of zinc and copper nutrients in a highly concentrated form designed to effectively prevent and correct deficiencies in a broad range of arable crops. As well as preventing deficiencies, Cu-Zin has been manufactured to maintain increased levels of copper and zinc in the plant for extended periods of growth, thus maximising pollen production and in the case of cereals, enhancing grain-fill.

Trials have shown that the formulation used in Cu-Zin ensures it is rain-fast on the leaf surface soon after application. Together with the finely micronised particle size of the active ingredients this means the nutrients are fed to the crop evenly on a gradual-release basis.

Key Benefits

  • Extended nutrient supply
  • High concentration of copper with zinc
  • Effective at low application rates
  • Maintains increased levels of copper and zinc in the plant
  • Disperses quickly in the tank

For more information, please refer to our Cu-Zin product page or contact our head office on: office@ilex-envirosciences.com