The excessively wet Easter weather after the unusually late snow fall is causing many of our fields up and down the country to suffer from water logged soil leading to a deficiency in suitable crop nutrients. In the coming weeks it is essential that these are replaced to boost root establishment and promote rapid growth leading to a strong, disease resistant plant.

Here are 7 ways in which nutrients can be lost, but don’t worry, the Ilex Envirosciences team are on hand to help you replace that much needed nutrient and get your crop back to a healthy yield.

Leaching – Plant nutrients are lost beyond the reach of plant roots. Usually caused by excessive rainfall washing nutrients deep down into sub-soil beyond new roots reach.

Soil erosion – Top soil is lost by the agent of erosion e.g. wind, water.

Monocropping – This utilizes only specific nutrients from a particular zone making it exhausted. -It also causes accumulation of certain pests and diseases.

Continuous cropping –This continuously exhaust the fertility of land unless the the land if fallowed.

Change of soil PH -Use of either acidic or basic fertilizers affect soil pH and Consequently the presence of micro-organisms hence soil fertility affected.

Burning of vegetations –Destroys organic matter and soil structure. Nutrients are lost and soil exposed to erosion.

Accumulation of salts – Common in waterlogged areas and semi-arid areas in which poor drainage causes evaporation during the dry periods, making the soil saline.

Feel free to contact the Ilex EnviroSciences for more advice on nutrient replenishment