About us

Our aim at Ilex EnviroSciences is to develop and supply UK farmers and growers with easy to use, advanced nutrition tools to optimise plant health and crop performance with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

We use only the highest grade raw materials in advanced formulations to deliver nutrition in the most readily plant available forms. We have been pioneers in the use of phosphite technology and plant biostimulant activators to enhance nutrient use efficiency in both foliar fertilisers and nutrient seed treatments. Using the latest developments in plant science and nutrition, product development is ongoing to respond to the challenges and pressures faced by UK growers.

Latest News

There’s still time to turn stressed beet crops around

The warmer weather has encouraged rapid growth in sugar beet crops and in many cases has allowed later emerging plants to catch up. But crops still suffering from irregular growth or starting to show signs of stress will still benefit from a nutrient boost to even up...

Earn your BASIS CPD points at Cereals

Ilex EnviroSciences will be using CEREALS 2017 to focus on the benefits of boosting root development and using advanced nutrition formulations to achieve the highest levels of nutrient-use-efficiency in arable crop production.  As part of the BASIS CPD Trail, we are...

How to buy

You can buy direct using a credit or debit card or by opening an Ilex Trade Account. Ilex products are also supplied through local farming supply groups including: