Precision nutrition using PK MAXX+ has proven to be a valuable tool for influencing tuber numbers, size and uniformity but timing is key to getting maximum benefit from application. Potato specialist Andy Burton takes you through the points to remember.

Increasing tuber numbers

Tuber initiation

To optimise the production and development of tuber numbers PK MAXX + should be applied at 2 litres per hectare at the start of tuber initiation, just as the tubers are beginning to swell from the stolon. The plant will quickly produce more tubers in response to the increased levels of phosphorus and key nutrients.
A second application should then be applied during early tuber bulking to maintain nutrition to achieve uniform growth and tuber fill.

Increasing size and yield

Tuber bulking

To increase tuber size and uniformity in ware varieties PK MAXX+ should be applied at 2 litres per hectare at the start of tuber bulking and repeated after 14 – 21 days.
The application of phosphite P in combination with phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium and key micronutrients encourages root development and maintains the supply of key nutrients throughout tuber bulking.

Identifying key growth stages

Traditionally, growth stages have been identified through canopy growth with tuber initiation starting as plants begin to meet in the rows and tuber bulking starting when plants begin to meet across the rows. However, this can vary significantly according to variety. So to make sure you get your PK MAXX+ timings just right, we recommend you use physical digs to monitor your key growth stages.
Andy Burton, Technical Sales

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